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Winter is Coming
The Avalon barrier from Oxford Plastics conforms to wind loading class B when fitted with one of our ballast options below:

Barriers should be stable under adverse weather conditions and be or appear to be substantial depending on the usage. 

They should not, however, cause excessive damage to a vehicle should they be struck. Mounds of soil are not acceptable as a barrier. Care should be taken to ensure that horizontal barriers do not project towards oncoming traffic. Wooden or tubular steel poles shall not be used as horizontal barriers as they constitute a serious hazard should a vehicle collide with them.
Strongwall Ballast
This product is used as an anchor system to comply with new code of practice. BS 8442:2006 identifies three wind speeds and a calculation for the Ballast required to use in these wind speeds.

Ballast Trays
Ballast trays offer wind loading class B compliance (when loaded with 2 x Ox blocks or 37Kgs of spoil) where post weight set-ups cannot be applied. If it is not possible to maintain safe pedestrian access on the footway and a safe off-carriageway alternative cannot be found, you should provide a walkway in the carriageway. In general a minimum 1.2 metre width of walkway should be provided (this allows for a visually impaired person being guided), with an absolute minimum of 1 metre unobstructed* width. It is recommended that a wider walkway be provided if it can be done without resulting in a road closure or a reduction to shuttle working.

*It is not permitted for barrier feet or other equipment to obstruct this space.

Designed to be  used as an anchor system to comply with new code of practice. The Oxford OxBlock is perfect to use as ballast and a second can be added for additional stability. Alternatively the trays can be filled with spoil.

BS 8442:2006 identifies three wind speeds and a calculation for the Ballast required to use in these wind speeds.

Stability Bar
Designed to lock 2 barriers together. Can be fitted at an angle or horizontally as required.
Oxford Plastics
Standard Barrier Tube End Barrier
The Avalon unique linking system design creates secure joints on uneven ground– over kerbs, up slopes and across rough terrain. Unlocked or
locked mode configurations prevent unauthorised dismantling.
This version allows the Avalon to link to outdated older designs in the market. This then allows most of the options to be made available. This includes Feet and ballast options.
Avalon Features
Easy to transport, this long-lasting easy to stack barrier
can be used in many applications such as in-door and
out-door events, construction and streetworks etc. 
Available in 2 types - clip or hook.
Can be personalised with your logo. 
Type 1 in 2m, 1m and 500ml sizes. 
Compliant with BS 7818 Specification (UK).
Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks (UK).
Advertising signage and reflective material can be applied.
Can be used with link boards to extend barrier configurations.
Can accept warning signs and contractor information boards
Avalon barrier conforms to Wind Loading Class B when fitted with Ballast Tray with 2 Fencefeet fitted or 37kg of spoil. 
1 piece barrier constructed from HDPE.
Supplied with standard or ClearPath Extra feet.
Designed for secure stacking and easy transportation..
Strong yet lightweight.
Designed and manufactured in UK.
100% recyclable.
Oxford Plastics
Engineered for Safety...
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